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So, you need residential development finance or a property development loan? Viclend can help. Residential development finance and/or property development loans are a specific field, it should always be approached by a specialist. There’s a heap of factors to consider when compared with regular commercial financing, and if you run into trouble you’ll be glad to have the experts from Viclend to guide you along the way.

Generally speaking, residential development finance and/or property development loans aren’t easy to get approved by the big banks – they’ve always been notoriously strict and this hasn’t relaxed since the GFC. In the case a bank approves your transaction, they may require presales and a large equity contribution before giving your transaction the go-ahead. The possible outcomes are endless and unpredictable to the un-initiated. You should never take the risk alone, it will cost you several months and untold $$$$ before you realize you’ve gone to the wrong bank.

Development Finance to Melbourne Locals

In the case of property finance, residential development finance and property developments loans, Melbourne locals may options other than just the banks. Perhaps getting your loan approved by a bank isn’t achievable in your current financial situation or isn’t feasible in the near future or perhaps you’ve been told by an inexperienced banker the bank cant assist, No need to worry – We know which banks do what and we know better than most of their own bankers what the actually can and cant do. First we’ll properly ensure that the bank is or is not an option. If they aren’t, we know the lenders which take risks that regular banks won’t, with reasonable pricing models and incredibly lenient, flexible conditions.

Our team at Viclend is led by professionals with years of experience in finance for property development. Melbourne locals have built entire business’ based on the finance options we’ve provided, whilst praising our work. We get the deals done so they can focus on getting the most out of life. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page for glowing reviews!

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We have a deep, clear and thorough understanding of residential property finance. With unlimited access to resources and a flexible network of banks, non banks and private lenders and contacts to call upon, we’ll assist you in getting those property finance loans approved in no time.

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