Business Finance Melbourne

Viclend Offers Finance for Businesses
If you’re looking for business finance in Melbourne, you can rely on Viclend! Business finance is a specialist field – therefore it should be handled by a specialist to consider all factors and give you the best outcome. Should you hit a snag, you’ll be glad to have one of our Viclend experts by your side for expert advice whenever you need it.

Maybe you’re in a situation where your local bank won’t approve, or more commonly, believe it or not, doesn’t know “how” to get your business finance application approved. Perhaps you’re buying a new business or expanding your existing business. Don’t worry – at Viclend, we know this stuff. We don’t simply flick your contact details to a banker we hardly know, as most brokers do. We never let the banker handle our clients. We are the experts, not them. We have spent decades establishing which bankers at which banks or lenders to deal with. We don’t take risks with your business finance application, we get it right first time and every-time. For the more difficult business finance applications, we know which lenders take risks that regular banks never would, plus, offer very competitive pricing model with flexible conditions. What’s not to love?

Our team is lead by professionals with many years experience in business finance. We handle business finance applications as a team, making sure no stone is left unturned to achieve the best out come for you. Melbourne businesses have praised our work and you will to. Let us clear all the mountains of paperwork and tough out the application process so you can sweat less about financials and put more energy into doing what you love – running your business. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our testimonials page and read all the glowing reviews from business owners!

Need Business Finance in Melbourne? Viclend Has You Covered
Viclend has a deep, clear insight into the ins-and-outs of business finance. Melbourne business owners will benefit from our massive network of banks, lenders and contacts. Trust us. We’ll help you get that business finance loan approved in no time, sorting out the busywork so you can focus on watching your business grow and the cash flow!

Be smart. Approach business finance with the experts at Viclend – call us today on (03) 9388 8883.