Our Lenders

Viclend can help you achieve favorable loan arrangements with Australia’s leading lenders. Over Viclend’s combined 35 years in finance, we’ve developed the right industry know-how and established relationships with the right industry people to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

Need a financial consultant who knows Australia’s leading lenders inside and out? Who knows who to call and how to negotiate for your ideal loan arrangement? Trust Viclend.


A popular lender in Brisbane, Perth and here in Melbourne.

A competitive, Western Australia-based division of Commonwealth Bank.

Established in 1989, Bank Of Melbourne is one of the leading, locally-based lenders.

One of Australia’s big four banks, a popular and safe choice for home loans.

A great, SA-based option for small and large loan arrangements.

Another one of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks – great for personal and commercial banking.

Flexible and accommodating home loan providers.

One of Australia’s big four banks, NAB is a popular option for Victorians.

A trusted option for quality home loans.

Competitively priced home, car and business loan provider.

A leading credit specialist – fantastic financing options available.

ING is a multinational financial services group, popular across the globe.

Great option for car finance, boat finance and insurance.

One of Australia’s big four – a market leader for banking and lending.

In-house finance body for BMW purchases.

Trusted vehicle finance service – competitive, flexible car loan providers.