Commercial Finance Melbourne

If commercial development finance is on your mind, Viclend is here to help. Since property development is a very specific specialist field, there are many more factors to be considered when you compare it with regular commercial financing! Development finance is a very complex process that most bank employees have difficulty understanding. At Viclend, we’ve been introducing development finance applications longer than most bank employees have worked at the bank. We actually know the process better than the banker’s working at the banks. When you’re up against the complexity of commercial development finance and commercial mortgages, it’s best to have a professional from Viclend to save you an incredible amount of heart-ache, time and money.

Commercial Development Finance

Banks are usually quite strict when it comes to approaching development funding and commercial mortgages – and they certainly haven’t eased off in the aftermath of the GFC. Should a bank approve a transaction, they require a huge number of conditions to be met, many of which won’t become apparent until you are well into the process.

Viclend will ensure you application is submitted to the right banker at the right bank and gets approved and settled, it wont be an ongoing saga of surprise after surprise. We’ll get your project done or we’ll tell you right upfront it can’t be done, its that simple.

So maybe you don’t qualify for a commercial mortgage or commercial development finance with the bank, or it isn’t feasible with your current financial situation. Viclend has a number of non bank lenders we have worked with for decades. Viclend is the sure choice. We know the lenders that will take risks that regular banks won’t – with reasonable prices and flexible conditions to boot!

Commercial Mortgage

The Viclend team is led by experienced professionals with years of practice in commercial finance. Melbourne businesses getting their feet off the ground have praised our work – but don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page!

We understand all aspects of the commercial development finance and the commercial mortgage process, with a huge number of property development contracts and commercial mortgages at both regional and major financial institutions. We have access to a massive network of non bank and private lenders, ready to help kick start that major development project or new property you’ve been wanting for your business – so what are you waiting for?

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