Mortgage Broker Kensington

Are you in need of an honest, trustworthy, and reliable team of mortgage brokers who will represent your best interests? Do you need a mortgage broker who will actively use easy-to-follow language to ensure that you understand the conditions of the loan you are signing up for? Drawing on over 35 years of unmatched and personalised experience helping customers across the Melbourne metropolitan area gaining approval for loans of varying sizes the passionate team of experts at Viclend are here for you! Our mortgage brokers can help Kensington clients gain a home, vehicle, or other expensive asset with our premium broker ranking.

At Viclend our team of passionate mortgage brokers have helped clients from Kensington to Albert Park enjoy a greater level of financial freedom thanks to our loans available in varying amounts between $30,000 to $2,000,000. Our generous loans are tailored to the needs and financial situation of our clients, ensuring that you are able to meet your repayments comfortably. It does not matter whether your credit is good or bad, we believe that everyone has the right to have loans as long as their current financial situation is solid.

Viclend stands out from other mortgage brokers by offering unmatched financial advice to our clients that meets their individual requirements. Our team can secure finance for both individuals and commercial entities to assist them in purchasing expensive and necessary items such as property and equipment. To discuss your personal needs with one of our financial experts please feel free to contact the team at Viclend today!


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