Car Loans – Mortgage Broker Sunshine

Drawing on over 35 years of client-focused experience the fully-qualified and dedicated mortgage brokers at Viclend aim to assist Sunshine residents and beyond in gaining to home or car of their dreams. Our experts thoroughly believe that, as long as their current financial situation is sound, everyone has the right to access helpful loans, financial assistance, and unmatched advice. Our skilled and talented mortgage brokers can deliver car loan solutions from Sunshine to South Melbourne with a prompt turn-around from your initial consultation to final approval. Our understanding and application of complex financial processes ensures that you receive the best guidance and advice possible.

Bad Credit Loans Sunshine

Are you burdened by the stigma associated with a bad credit score? At Viclend our team of expert financial advisors and finance procurers believe that you shouldn’t be punished for past events. In keeping with this philosophy our skilled and experienced mortgage brokers excel at finding loans for our clients who require a bad credit loan. Whether you live in Sunshine or North Melbourne our city-wide service guarantees that you can consult with our focused and reliable team to arrive at a beneficial solution. To make an appointment with one of our financial experts feel free to call us today on (03) 9388 8883.

Car Finance Sunshine

At Viclend we understand the importance of having access to a well-maintained and reliable vehicle, especially in a built up area such as the Melbourne metropolitan area. Thanks to our decades of first-hand experience helping our clients gain greater independence our mortgage brokers are positioned to deliver sound and honest advice regarding car finance application to Sunshine motorists. Our low interest rates and generous repayment schedule ensures that regardless of your current financial situation you will be able to comfortably pay off your loan with as little stress as possible. For more information about how we can help you contact us today.


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